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Privacy Policy

When you register as a Save And Earn Member (powered by Save And Earn and operated by Pinnacle Communications Int’l, Inc.), you must give us your email address so that we can notify you that you have earned Cash Back. In connection with this program benefit, Save And Earn will need to share information with its merchants and also require some information about your purchases from said merchants. The only use of this information will be in granting of the Cash Back to the Save And Earn member and will not be shared with any unrelated party.

Once you become a member of Save And Earn, we automatically place you on our activity list to email you the latest updates about your account, hot deals, and new services. We respect your privacy. If you do not want to receive these email updates, you may always respond to the emails as indicated through the “Unsubscribe from Save And Earn mailings here” message on each email, and we will no longer send out email messages unless it relates to your account status.

Save And Earn will seek to collect demographic consumer information from its members on a voluntary basis. This information assists in building larger advertisement revenues that benefit all members. Examples of such consumer demographic information include age, education level, etc. Save And Earn may share summary information regarding its customers with partners or other third parties, but Save And Earn will not sell or share any information at the individual member level.

When you register as a member of Save And Earn, you agree to accept this Privacy Policy and are aware that our Privacy Policy may change at any time. This policy will always be available for members to review at a visible place on our web site.

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bActivation = False
bInvitationSystem = True
ReferralCashRate = 10%
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bLocal = False
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bHomeServices = False
bInsurance = False
bBizOpp = True
bDrugCard = False
bFundraising = True
bCoBrand = True
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ActivationSubject = Activate your Save and Earn membership
WelcomeSubject = Welcome to Save and Earn
CSREmail = [email protected]
blnPayPal = True
blnPayCheck = True
blnPayCard = False
blnPayMember = False
PayMinimum = 15
CompPlan = 319
CompPlanLC = 8
plType = 530
plParent = 1151
plParentUsername = sae
plParentCompanyName = Save And Earn
plBrand = 1151
plBrandUsername = sae
plBrandCompanyName = Save And Earn
plSponsorTypePL = 325
plSponsorType = Master Builder
plSponsorTypeAbbr = MB
plSponsorSubTypePL = 798
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highCashBack = 0.3
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sponsorType = Master Builder
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sponsorName = William Levine
sponsorCompany = Save And Earn, Inc.