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Harness the power of online shopping with a business program driven by industry‑leading technology.

Do you want to:

  • Earn income your first month?
  • Earn residual money for years to come?
  • Set your own work hours?
  • Have the tools you need to succeed?

Our platform does it all!

Generate income giving away cash back shopping memberships.

Earn referral cash on all shopping and more.

It’s a true win-win.

Save and Earn  powered by  Pinncle Communications International, Inc.

Save and Earn is powered by Pinnacle Communications International, Inc., generating an additional revenue stream for individuals and companies through online shopping.

For more than 20 years, Pinnacle has been providing state-of-the-art cash back shopping solutions driven by industry-leading technology through the passive income-earning power of the Internet.

By including lifestyle packages, home services, and insurance products for individuals, businesses, and nonprofits, Pinnacle is dedicated to helping you build a better tomorrow, today.

Why build a business from scratch when a complete solution already exists?

We build all of these exclusive features into every program.

  • Co-branded shopping site – A shopping mall website with your name or logo. You refer online shoppers to the cash back shopping mall. They shop, they get cash back, and so do you!
  • Value-added benefit packages – Packages that can save people time, money and help protect what is important to them. When someone buys benefits, it generates monthly revenue for you, as long as that person is subscribed.
  • Complete tracking capabilities – Everyone that registers at your co-branded site are automatically linked to you, and you’ll have all the necessary tools for tracking participation.
  • Detailed, itemized reporting – Use the built-in reports to measure success. The reports are in one easy-to-use account center and include details on referrals, purchases, commissions, and more.
  • Built-in marketing tools – The co-branded shopping mall site includes related handouts, cards, graphics and more to help maximize revenue potential.
  • Complete customer service – Because all purchases are made at store sites directly, customer service interactions regarding individual purchases are handled by the stores. Other customer service issues are handled by Pinnacle’s committed staff.
  • Quick Start Guide – Agents have a simple easy-to-follow guide to launch and run a revenue-earning program with the Action Steps.

This program is a win-win by generating revenue for individuals and companies while rewarding members with cash back.

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Agent Revenue Streams

1. Up to 39% cash back on purchases you make

Make purchases through your own co-branded shopping site and get rewarded with cash back.

Agents can receive more revenue from indirect referrals than from direct members!

2. Up to 30% direct member cash back

Your referrals become members and make purchases through your co-branded shopping site. They earn cash back, and so do you—up to 30% of whatever they get. If your referral gets $10.00 back, you receive up to $3.00.

3. Up to 20% indirect referral cash back

Members can also refer friends and family to Mike Ryan's Cash Back Mall. They get 10% referral cash whenever their referral makes a purchase, and you get up to 20% referral cash, too!

4. Monthly revenue from lifestyle benefit package subscriptions

Members have access to everyday deals with lifestyle benefit packages, from movie tickets and restaurant discounts, to ID protection and more. Agents receive a percentage of the monthly subscription that members pay for these packages. Explore the folder below to learn more about all these packages.

You are already Saving. Now start earning.

Item Agent E BR MB
Description An individual that joins the platform to increase revenue and accomplish goals. An individual that shares SAB with seeking additional sources of revenue. An individual that seeks to build a team working SAB for additional sources of revenue. An individual that seeks to build a large team working SAB for additional sources of revenue.
Cash Back Shopping Up to 36% Up to 39% Up to 42% Up to 45%
Referral Cash* 20% 30% 40% 50%
Infinite Cash† 10% 20% 30% 40%
Purchase Elite Membership
Purchase Benefit Packages
Purchase Home Services
Purchase Insurance Products
Elite Membership Commissions 14% 18% 22% 26%
Benefit Package Commissions 20% 24% 28% 31.5%
Insurance Product Commissions‡ 20% and up 20% and up 20% and up 20% and up
Shopping Site Co-branded
Fundraising Program for Nonprofits
Group Benefit Sales
Wholesale Benefits
Price $0.00/mo. $9.95/mo. $29.95/mo. $49.95/mo.

* Referral cash is paid to a member when someone they’ve referred to SAB makes a purchase. This is 10% of the cash back amount the purchasing member receives. For example, if Bob sends Carol a link to join the program, then Carol makes a purchase that earns Carol $10 cash back, Bob will receive $1 as well.

† Infinite cash takes referral cash to the next level. Referral cash is paid to the direct referring member. Infinite cash is paid to that referring member's site manager. Using our previous example, if Bob is a member of Ted's shopping site, Ted will receive referral cash on Bob's purchases, Carol's purchases, the purchases made by anyone Carol refers, anyone that person refers and so on for an infinite number of free member referral generation.

‡ To receive commission on insurance products, you must be a licensed insurance agent and be appointed with our affiliated agencies.

Client loyalty and retention Free leads Monetize your database Eliminate competition Turnkey marketing and reporting Mobile friendly

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A program that does more than work – it wins. Twice.

Members win with the lowest prices online by receiving cash back from the shopping site, and great deals on monthly benefit packages and more.

Agents win when their referrals shop online and subscribe to benefit packages through their cash back shopping site.

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