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Health First is our commitment to safety and savings as we tackle COVID-19 together.

Here’s what Health First means for you right now:

Double cash back shopping site-wide

A free one-month trial subscription to Pinnacle’s The Doctor on call™

A free discount prescription drug plan from Rx Valet

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Cash Back (was .72%)
Cash Back (was 2.4%)
Cash Back (was 2.4%)
Medix Select Nutritional Supplements7.68%
Cash Back (was 3.84%)
Cash Back (was .24%)
Omaha Steaks1.15%
Cash Back (was .58%)
Hello Fresh (CA) $6.24
Cash Back (was $3.12)
Medical Supply Depot2.4%
Cash Back (was 1.2%)

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The Doctor on call delivers access to quality healthcare from the comfort of your own home. One low monthly membership brings your household a complete set of health and wellness services, including 24/7 phone or video communication with US-based license physicians, all without costly co-pays.

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Use coupon code COVID19 for a one month free trial

Featured Cash Back Stores


Cash Back (was 6%)

Inkjet cartridges, laser toner, refill kits, printer paper and printer supplies for Epson, Canon, Hewlett Packard, Lexmark, Compaq and more. Free Ship...


Cash Back (was 4.8%)

Send flowers online! Award-winning online florist specializing in same-day and next-day flower delivery in the USA and Canada. Order flowers and plant...


Cash Back (was 2.4%)

1-800-PetMeds is America's Largest and Most Trusted Pet Pharmacy. We service over one million customers nationwide from one location, saving our custo...

Gift Tree

Cash Back (was 1.68%)

Gift Tree is the largest gift basket retailer on the internet. We offer gift baskets that include flowers, fruit, nuts, chocolate, stuffed animals, an...

AC Lens

up to 3.84%
Cash Back (was 1.92%)

AC Lens is a full-service direct delivery contact lens supply company. We combine the lowest prices available with dedicated, personalized customer se...

American Greetings

up to 14.4%
Cash Back (was 7.2%)

American Greetings has free eCards, animated greeting cards and invitations for any birthday or holiday. Personalize an eCard or online greeting card ...

Featured Deals & Coupons

Use any of the posted deals and coupons to receive immediate savings on your purchase in addition to your cash back shopping rebate.

Dr. Leonard's Healthcare

Cash Back (was 1.92%)

Free Shipping at Dr. Leonard's Healthcare

Free Shipping at Dr. Leonard's


Cash Back (was $4.05)

Save 20% on Any Premium Membership at

Find the right babysitter, nanny, tutor, pet sitter, housekeeper or senior care provider for your family at Use code CAREMYMOVE to save 20% on any premium membership, giving you full access to over a million caregiver profiles and unlimited free background checks.


Dollar Tree

Cash Back (was 1.2%)

Ship It To Your Local Dollar Tree Store For FREE*!

FREE* Shipping When You Choose To Have Your Order Shipped To Your Local Dollar Tree Store For Pickup! *Restrictions may apply.


Cash Back (was 2.4%)

Try Shipt FREE!

Try Shipt Grocery Delivery Free for Two Weeks!


Cash Back (was 1.2%)

45% off your first 2 consecutive orders

Get 45% off your first 2 consecutive orders at with code SIMPLIFY45

Use code: SIMPLIFY45

Ends: 2020-07-01


Cash Back (was .96%)

Save $15 now!

Get $15 Off $80+ Orders! Use Code GRACE15

Use code: GRACE15

Ends: 2021-10-09

Most Popular Cash Back Stores

Wal-Mart USA, LLC

Cash Back (was .15%)

Home Depot

up to 3.07%
Cash Back (was 1.54%)

HSN - Home Shopping Network

Cash Back (was .24%)


Cash Back (was .48%)


Deals Only

Cloud 9 Living

Cash Back (was 1.2%)


up to 4.8%
Cash Back (was 2.4%)


Cash Back (was 6%)

New Cash Back Stores


Cash Back (was 2.4%)

Thorlos Socks

Cash Back (was 2.4%)


Cash Back (was 1.2%)


Cash Back (was 1.44%)

Dr. Strain's CBD

Cash Back (was 12%)

Origin PC

Cash Back (was .48%)

Tire America

Cash Back (was 1.68%)

The Container Store

Cash Back (was .38%)

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RxValet is a new kind of online pharmacy. Pay the lowest possible price for your prescriptions directly to Rx Valet and pick them up at your local CVS, Walgreens or other participating pharmacy the same day for $0 additional cost. Learn more. If you do not include all the information below, you will not receive an RxValet Membership, but you may activate it later if you wish.

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